The thought of retiring can be both exciting and scary.  It doesn’t have to be.  We’ll address these important questions and more.

  • Can I retire and work only if I want to and not because I have to?
  • Withdrawals? 10% penalties? Pre – 50, 59 1/2, 72-T, other?
  • Investment options for my DROP, FRS Inv Plan, and more?***
  • How will I cover ever-rising Healthcare costs?
  • How will my COLA (or lack thereof) affect my plan over time?
  • FRS Inv Plan — how do I create my own pension with a COLA?***
  • What do I do with my sick leave and unused vacation payouts?
  • Providing for spouse? Ex-spouse issues? Kids? Parents?
  • When should I take Social Security? RMDs at 72?
  • FRS Inv Plan – can I retire? When can I retire?***
  • 415 rules? 175/185 monies? OPEBs? IRA’s? ROTHs?***
  • And many more

Each person has a different situation and different needs. Because of this,  we need to know your specific set of facts and needs in order to answer your questions. So, contact us to schedule your Complimentary financial plan.

*** ANY and ALL information provided here within is neither approved or endorsed by the Florida Retirement System and/or any Chapter 175 pension plan providers.